We think that black cameras are dull, another shade of grey. That's why we have come up with the Pinkenta concept - because cameras simply look better in Pinkenta.

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Give your camera a slinky pinkenta paint job, painted by our artisans. Or select one of our ready-made, ready-to-shoot cameras already dashed with a shade of pinkenta.

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Bespoke Cameras. Be Outspoken.

DRTV has been painting cameras Pinkenta ever since 2010. Our goal is to paint the world Pinkenta one camera at a time.

We have spent the last 4-years developing the Pinkenta Project, building on the rose-tinted visions, investing in research and development to create a product that we are proud of. This has culminated in the launch of Fifty Shades of Pinkenta

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Fifty Shades...

What's with the name?

Our Method

Intelligent Design

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History of Pinkenta